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National Instrument, LLC v. James Braithwaite

ACK, representing National Instrument, LLC, successfully enforced a non-compete agreement against James Braithwaite, a former employee who sought employment with one of National Instrument's...

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Newsome v. Penske

After an eight day trial and more than a day of jury deliberation, ACK obtained a defense verdict in the case of Renee Newsome v. Penske Truck Leasing Corporation. Bringing suit in the United...

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Scheers v. Rite Aid

After three weeks of trial, ACK received a defense verdict in the case of Deborah A. Scheers v. Rite Aid Corporation et al in the Superior Court for Camden County, New Jersey. Bringing suit under...

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Salgado v. Rite Aid Corporation

ACK obtained summary judgment in the case of John L. Salgado v. Rite Aid Corporation.  The case was a discrimination case under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in which Mr. Salgado...

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Robinson v. Board of Education

Michael Sloneker obtained a voluntary dismissal with prejudice for an employment discrimination claim in the matter of Robinson v. Board of Education, et al. The dismissal was obtained on behalf...

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