The Maryland Court of Special Appeals recently affirmed summary judgment in favor of the defendants in a case handled by Anderson, Coe & King.  The Court of Special Appeals upheld the lower court's ruling that that the plaintiff failed to sufficiently plead claims of defamation, invasion of privacy (false light), and other related allegations. The lawsuit arose from a dispute over the circumstances leading to the termination of the plaintiff's membership in a yacht club. The plaintiff, apparently unhappy with the decision to terminate his membership, filed a lawsuit against the yacht club's board, individual board members, and the marina, essentially claiming to have been defamed and insulted. The Circuit Court for Harford County granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants and dismissed the complaint, and the Maryland Court of Special Appeals affirmed the decision. The plainitff sought further review in the Court of Appeals. ACK successfully opposed the petition for certiorari and obtained a final judgment of dismissal.